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NWNP Episode 148: The Dark Tide

Please join Brian, Jastin, and Ben aka Aroen, as they interview the creators (Travis Richards and Christopher Escalante) of the newest chapter of NWN created machinima series, The Dark Tide. Brian, Jastin, and Ben cover the IGN site issues and give an update on the custom content challenge. The Amethyst Dragon, from the World of Aenea, provided us with a NWN1 Update concerning the Bioware community site and other great information. Afterwards, they cover some of the latest on Realms of Trinity 2 Chapter 7.

Show Notes:

Post by Beyond the Pale :

We have had some technical difficulties as the data centers have been transferred. Currently I am unable to get e-mail, and unable to process most of the entries supplied by the community.
The techs are working on the issue. I am unfortunately in a holding pattern until this is resolved. I appreciate everyone’s patience, and I will do my best to get everything smoothed out once I am able.

And until next time, Get in game and level up!

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