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NWNP Episode 144: Shane Hensley

Please join Brian Bloom, Ben H.(Aroen), Douglas Bowser, Charles Bowser, and Mike Johnson (our on location media producer) as we make our epic appearance at the 2011 Origins Game Fair in downtown Columbus, OH. While we were there, we got a grand tour of the event, thanks to staff at the GAMA media/press staff. We cover new NWN Modules and modules/PW’s close to their Hall of Fame status.

While we were at the game fair, we had the honor of interviewing Shane Hensley, the Executive Producer of Cryptic’s upcoming title, Neverwinter. At the end of the interview, we have included a bonus interview of GMX (Geek Media Expo) as they discuss their upcoming events that pertain to D&D content authors.

Shane Hensley
Shane Hensley, Executive Producer, Neverwinter

With over 20 years of experience in the interactive entertainment industry, Shane started out as a freelance designer and writer and has worked on hundreds of computer, card, role-playing and miniature games, as well as novels, for over a dozen companies and his own company, Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Shane joined Cryptic Studios in 2004 as a lead on City of Heroes/Villains and on a number of prototype projects. He left Cryptic for a brief period to create his own games and was appointed head of several studios in Arizona before coming back “home” to work with his many great friends at Cryptic. He graduated from Virginia Tech with a BS in History and Political Science, served in the VA National Guard, and received his MA in Special Operations from the American Military University.

Video Cast Version *Does not include Shane Hensley interview

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Show Notes:
New Module
The Relbonian Chronicles – Chapter One By Quillmaster

The Relbonian Chronicles is set in its own unique world and mythology, designed to have its story unfold through the participation of several key characters.

As such, “Chapter One” is designed to be played with the Dwarven Fighter called “Gerbilaf Bandiwide” which will be included with this module. Please note that playing with any other character will not only spoil your enjoyment but also render parts of the module impossible to play.

New PW
CITY – A Bold New PW

The team behind the Astoria series of roleplaying modules is proud to present its upcoming release – CITY.
Set against a dazzling, star-lit bohemian world, CITY invites you to explore an original setting inspired by Victorian England and 1930′s New York.
Explore the Metropolis, encountering original factions, races, enemies and locations – designed with intricate detail and character.

Modules Close to HOF

Aurora City. The makings of an adventurer V1.61 by (HCR3) missing 2 votes.

You start out as a nobody in the City of Aurora. Ma wants you out! ‘Go make something of your life!’ You have a few gold, a dagger, and the clothes on your back! Get started by taking a few delivery jobs to make some coin. But be careful… Some packages are valuable and there are those who would love to get their hands on them. Advance to bigger and better adventures. Hunt down an escaped convict in the city… kill off a band of Orcs… save the little children of Aurora.Do the side quests to gain items and experience.

A Crownless King missing 2 votes.

Upon the road, a stranger comes. And he has work to do… Play to find out more!

High Adventures with the Baronness DeCallya missing 2 votes.

A shortish, fun, Arabianesque adventure for single player or a band of adventurers. The module can be run fully without a DM, but contains DMFI wands and dicebags, and several other DM aids (see the DM Notes included). You have left your home town for your own reasons, and bought passage with a friendly elven captain named Lyell. He has brought you to Hajlimar, where he has left you to wander the docks. What excitement does the exotic port of Hajlimar hold? And who is this Baronness DeCallya you keep hearing about?


The Keep on the Borderlands by BlackRain Software – missing 1 vote.

Our interpretation of the classic B2 module from TSR. There are similiarities and differences between this and B2. Players expecting an exact conversion will not find it here!

NWN2 PW News

Realms of Trinity – Chapter 6 Release , July 14, 2011.

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