A podcast all about the Neverwinter Nights series of Role Playing Games and the new MMO, Neverwinter. 

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NWNP Podcast Episode 190 – NWN2 Realms of Trinity Update

Neverwinter, Neverwinter Nights 2, NWN2 Realms of Trinity

Please join Ben AKA Aroen, Mark AKA Madmage999, Johnathan AKA Aghost, and Brian AKA Sir Brian, from NWN2 Realms of Trinity, as they discuss all the new developments going in the hit NWN2 Persistent World, Realms of Trinity.

In the news:

– Gen-Con 2014 Appearance Information
– Upcoming Guests

Neverwinter Update

Neverwinter State of the Game Update

From Derick Thomas of Perfect World:

We’re excited about upcoming changes to Neverwinter PvP including new items, a new Tenacity stat, matchmaking, and more! Catch a glimpse of our update with this preview from Executive Producer, Rob Overmeyer. Are you excited? Let us know!

Show Notes:

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