A podcast all about the Neverwinter Nights series of Role Playing Games and the new MMO, Neverwinter. 

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NWNP Episode 158: The NWN2 PW Alliance

Please join Brian and Jastin from the Realms of Trinity, as they are joined with the owner of the NWN2 Persistent World, 3rd Age, Rise of Sauron. We will be discussing our persistent world alliance and all the upcoming and current projects that we have jointly in progress.

News Segment


The Amethyst Dragon’s Merchant Signs by The Amethyst Dragon

This small package contains brand new merchant sign (shingle) models, made to replace the older DoA ones included in the CEP.

Custom Content Challenge 2012 Jan – Rogues By CC Makers

CCC 2012 Jan:Rogues and other Shadow-walkers.

Here are the results of the “Custom Content Challenge” for January 2012 that took place on Bioware Social Forum here: Link

The theme was: “Rogues and Other Shadow-walkers”

And here are the results of the various participants!

+ Borden Haelven: Hide-in wardrobe (w/o lion or witch).
+ Borden Haelven: Sliding bookcase.
+ Cestus Dei (Link): Thief-proof (hah!) Vault.
+ The Amethyst Dragon (Link): The Shell Game
+ The Spirited Lass (Link): Banana Peel trap
+ Rubies: Improved spike traps, Trap drop model
+ Tyndrel: Wanted Posters
+ Vibrant Penumbra (Link): “Duck Duck Duck” Trap, Mallard duck, “A nasty surprise for Cestus”
+ _six & aaronn: Placeable, script, sounds – Timed Real Spike Trap
+ Tiberius_Morguhn: Placeables – Loot-worthy chests
+ Zwerkules: Secret HQ (Medieval City version – files included, but not in demo)


Inn of Chaos by icarus35

This is a low treasure/XP adaptation of the Hero Quest scenario “Inn of Chaos” written by Greg Fewer for “Adventures Unlimited” #5.

You and your traveling companion arrive at the famed “Inn of the Weary Traveler” after many weeks on the road only to find it deserted.


Kaedrin PRC Pack 1.42 Released


3 Responses

  1. Great podcast I just got the NWN 1 and 2 from gamestop app (old impulsedriven.com) for cheap. So this is my frist run of persistant worlds, so I have been rather lost and living the life of the dead… (I’m to use to being hand fed where to go!) Anyways as listening to you guys some worlds sound good or interesting, but after a while I no longer have any idea what world you are talking about. Without hitting up the front of the podcast and cross referencing voices (as being new to the podcast) Maybe throw in the name of the server you’re talking about a few times while you are talking and explaining the system.


  2. Thanks for checking it out and picking up NWN & NWN2. Welcome to the community. The episode was about the Realms of Trinity and The Rise of Sauron servers and the systems that apply to both as we are now both running on a united infrastructure. I will make sure to include the introductions at the beginning of the interview segment next time we do a joint podcast where confusion could come up for new listeners, such as yourself. All good points.

  3. Thanks for the information! I found the links to the places! So what are some of the best RP Persistant worlds for NWN 1 that you have come across? (NWN 2 still runs a bit slow on my PC, hoping to upgrade soon)

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