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NWNP Episode 156: Golden Dragon Award winners for the NWN 2011 AME Cycle

Please join Aroen and Brian from the Realms of Trinity and the NWN Podcast as they are joined by Tybae and Andarian from the Academy for Modding Excellence (AME) as they unveil the winners of the 2011 AME Cycle and discuss the organizational changes and exciting happenings at the AME.

In the news, we discuss the latest updates on the NWN IGN Vault, which include new modules and models for both NWN1 & NWN2.

News Segment


Custom Content Challenge December 2011 – Winter Stuff

Here are the results of the “Custom Content Challenge” for December 2011 that took place on Bioware Social Forum here: http://social.bioware.com/forum/1/topic/191/index/

The theme was: “Winter Stuff”

And here are the results of the various participants!

Thanks to all those who contributed content:
Cestus Dei (Link) – Snow Flurry and Snow Fury creatures (2 creatures)
Draygoth28 – Polar Bear and Winter Wolf Mount creatures (2 creatures and 2 tails)
Mistress (Link) – Winter loadscreens (6 loadscreens)
Rubies – Snuggly Balls of Death creatures (2 creatures)
TarotRedhand (Link) – Frosty Ground placeables (26 placeables)
TarotRedhand (Link) – Frozen Book icons (10 icons)
The Amethyst Dragon (Link) – Snowshoe clothing, item and placeables (1 foot part for both phenos, 1 item icon with on the ground model, and 3 placeables)
Vibrant Penumbra (Link) – Snow Moguls placeables (3 placeables)



Beta Testing for Nihil Trilogy II: Chains of Misfortune by seraphimsage

Thanks to the Alpha Testers: kamal, Arkalezth, and CaptainZombieYeti. With their help I’ve finally reached a point where the Beta Version(which includes the last parts of the mod just up to before the ending scenes) is now ready.

Now with the Beta’s Release more help is needed to iron out the last bugs, and other mis-sights that remain and some that may have been introduced. So if time allows I would appreciate it if any new or old testers can do a play-through of this mod to help identify those issues before its release. As always credit will be given to those who do. Thanks.


Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! by Dan Pigdom

Tintable lion, tiger and bear models that are white by default. Tiger and lion skins were originally by Hellfire and Cyphre, and are part of Cyphre’s Companions Pack.

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