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NWNP Episode 154: Project Q

Please join Jastin and Brian from the Realms of Trinity and the NWN Podcast as they are joined by Paul SteMarie and Gavin AKA Sixes Thrice, from Project Q.

In the news, we discuss the latest updates on the NWN IGN Vault, which include a plethora of new models for both NWN1 & NWN2.

News Segment:
NWN1 Models

Reforged: Chain Weapons by the Amethyst Dragon

Custom Content Challenge November 2011 – Underwater Stuff v1 by CC Makers

Here is round one of the results from the “Custom Content Challenge” for November 2011 that took place on Bioware Social

Forum here: Link Yes, that means there will be a round two. The expected release date is in mid January.

The theme was: “Underwater Stuff”

And here are the results of the various participants!

Thanks to all those who contributed content:
Cestus Dei (Link) – Torc of SHoA VFX item (item, VFX, & script)
Jack Taylor (Link) – Freshwater Fish creatures (2 creatures)
LordOfWorms – Undersea version 10 tileset (custom tileset)
Mistress(Link) – Placeable sounds (5 sounds)
Rubies – Bubble spells (3 spells)
ShaDoOoW – Bubbles VFX script (2 scripts)
The Amethyst Dragon (Link) – Underwater creatures (2 creatures)
The Amethyst Dragon (Link) – Underwater placeables (3 placeables)
Vibrant Penumbra (Link) – Whirlpool placeables (4 placeables)
Zwerkules (Link) – Merfolk tileset buildings and matching loadscreen.

Realms of Trinity Implements Custom ILR System & Starts spell overhaul ER Tie In.

NWN 2 Models

The Thing by jestemwlodzimierz

Zythar by jestemwlodzimierz

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