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NWNP Episode 97: A Dance With Rogues Discussion Group

Welcome to Episode 97 of the only Neverwinter Nights game series Podcast!

Skunk trapped some Dance with Rogues fans in his interview lair. Come on in and listen to some players discuss and talk about their favorite NWN1 module and their guild formed around it.

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Music: Ghost of the Tavern from Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance

Until next time, Get in game and level up!


17 Responses

  1. Yay, awesome interview, great show! Thanks to StrikerB for sponsoring the episode! :)

  2. I certainly enjoyed being interviewed by Skunkeen. Like I already mentioned to him before we started, I personally love listening to the Podcast when I have time, even though I still have a backlog for some of the older ones (I started when there was already quite a bit available, and have yet to listen to those). It was a pleasure contributing to this one.

    I apologise for any excessive giggliness on my part. It was quite late where I was during the podcast, and I was tired, which makes me a bit more giggly than usual.

    Thank you to everyone who makes these great podcasts possible!


    - :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  3. Fun interview, Skunk! And what WAS the music just before the interview? Killer music!

  4. YAY!

  5. Thanks Jaz and everyone for being on the show! I like your giggles!

    @Dragonstar Music: Ghost of the Tavern from Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance

    *looks at the cookie tray and stares

  6. oh yeah also meant to ask… I worked on Normalizing the levels of voice more this time. Can you tell a difference?
    Did we more less have about the same levels?
    No one blasted?

    would appreciate your feedback here: http://www.nwnpodcast.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=196&start=0

  7. Jaz, it was awesome. We like giggles… :) the more the better. Sound levels were all good for me Trey. Oh, okay, I’ll follow the link.. muh

  8. “bakes Trey his virtual cookies so he can stop staring!” :)

    Thanks Dances with Rogues! Excellent interview!


  9. LOL.. well .. I’ve clicked the newegg button and spent lots of money.. a few times.. ;)… and may have a big purchase on it soon… so… if you’re buying anything electronic related.. use newegg.. they are cheap.. good.. and when you click-through this page YOUR podcast gets help paying for the server.. not Skunk’s rum.. as he’ll be quick to assure you.. he hasn’t gotten a dime.. the rum is from his own pocket ;) :D

  10. ew, doesn’t that get the rum all linty?

  11. I’m sure having linty rum is better than having bootlegged rum. That aftertaste of foot-cheese just doesn’t go well with rum. :P

    - :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  12. They serve cheese with wine, don’t they?

  13. Congratulations on that infected toenail Ashercon. (???)

    So you say your having a hard time selling that stuff eh? Might be because a lot of us our closet geeks and wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a Neverwinter Nights T-shirt (or Thong). Although you know what we might wear? That bouncyrock logo (without podcast anywhere to be found). Or Misery Stone. Then when someone asks, we can just say “its an old rock band from the 70s dude, and where were you?”

  14. Oh shoot, no edit button:

    Regarding the request for Gelly cubes on your pod cast:


    What’s cool about these guys is: apparently there is nodes where you can add items ( instead of the human body shown in the vault picture) inside the cube as debris it has picked up.

  15. ahh another fan that loves us. (dripping with sarcasm)

  16. *grin*
    I’m guessing by that response you haven’t seen Skunkeens Brass Weasel/squirel/hamster/whatever award? You might wanna check that out.

  17. Hey Trey… er.. Ash… stay safe … looks like it’s tornado season again.. .. say.. did you ever notice that Ashercon sounds like a Convention for Volcano enthusiasts? .. Dude.. are you going to AsherCon4?

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