A podcast all about the Neverwinter Nights series of Role Playing Games and the new MMO, Neverwinter. 

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NWNP Episode 49: David Crowell’s Jack & the Beanstalk

Here is the first April episode with Trey and Michele giving you number 49 of the only Neverwinter Nights Podcast! *** WARNING Slight Mask of the Betrayer Spoiler in first 10 minutes! ***

In this episode we have an entertaining interview with our now new team member David Crowell aka Eat2Surf. He talks about his kid-friendly module Jack and the Bean Stalk , and some other stuff.

In the news:

Next episode we will have an interview with Zac aka Dirtywick!

Until next time,

Get in game and level up!


15 Responses

    First but I will only listen on monday

  2. TRey is so gonna get slaughtered :P

  3. Great show! Thanks Dave for the interview,

    Trey. Go take care of that bear! :P

    Milk n Cookies!


  4. Actually foxy, I am always the first to listen! And I know Dave was second.
    Yes, but you signed the log first. I know. *pounces

    *gets up and now for some bear meat YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!

  5. Trey… you’re just a glutton for punishment.. go get him foxy! I like how you infused your daughter’s reactions into the interview! Thanks for that!! That’s exactly what I built the module for.. I’m glad you two had fun playing it.

    For those of you with younger kids… they can have lots of fun without ever climbing up the beanstalk.. the 3-4 year olds like to just make Jack move around.. It’s hard for an adult not to go from step to step and “complete” the mod.. funny how much we can learn from kids.

    Actually.. on that note.. you can go all the way through to the Giant’s Castle (did anyone look down from the clouds?) and as long as you don’t eat the big loaf of bread (breakfast) the giant wont come.. so the kids can explore that area too.. and go back down the beanstalk without ever having a giant confrontation..

    yikes.. long post.. sorry! I guess I feel a connection to the subject.


  6. Pretty cool podcast. I am such a sucker…Oh no..no more podcasts. Then relief since I would not have to do an interview. Then..I bet this is an April Fools joke. The gamut of emotions, plus I have a cold. Dave’s life has been as interesting as mine has been boring. Ha!

  7. Thanks Dave!!

    YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!! I took Okku in ONE Try!! HA!!
    *dances around foxy as she glares up at me

  8. LOL!! We got you FFBJ!! HA!! *taunts

  9. I really didn’t think anyone would believe us! haha! too funny!

  10. Yeah.. I think it’s pretty believeable.. the world of podcast is littered with good ideas that wither away.. but not this one!!

  11. I know some social servers that would love the giant dressed in pink.

    I want to see Dave kick some SCA butt! a youtube video is a must!

  12. I am sure you used the god cheat now TRey? But then it wasn’t this hard either and knowing Trey he probably had a fighter character or something. *nods* I like Okku they voice actor is great

  13. Thanks for the confidence, Skunk.. but I am mostly a human pell.. that means the good SCA fighters get to use me for practice.. I’m basically cannon fodder.

    You can look up Eat2surf on youtube.. http://www.youtube.com/user/Eat2surf
    and I have an SCA video linked to me there.. though the lady’s armor is.. well.. distracting?

  14. HF: I DID NOT!!!!!!!!!! HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And Im a warlock.

  15. Liso we did teach Trey to many tricks. He made it in the first run. Well on the other side he was prolly doing all other quests even those that he wasn’T meant to do managing to survive somehow. *patpats Trey* Good work. Here cookie!

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