A podcast all about the Neverwinter Nights series of Role Playing Games and the new MMO, Neverwinter. 

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NWNP Episode 48: Adam Miller

Well gang we are back to weekly shows! So join Michele and Dave in the 48th episode of the only Neverwinter Nights Podcast!

For the main interview, we have the legend, the only one who does Death, the Adam Miller!! We caught Adam several weeks ago, but now he is fresh off his release of Dark Waters 2 for NWN2.

In the news:

Next episode we will have an interview with Dave Crowell aka Eat2Surf!

Until next time,

Get in game and level up!


25 Responses

  1. Must have caught this right when you all put it up, huh? Adam seems cool, knows his stuff. Too bad you don’t see him around on the boards much at all. Good to tap into experience whenver you can if you ask me.

    Back to one week = thrilled.

  2. Oh wow, You guys are right. I sound so tired. There was a good reason. I was tired :D

    Thank you Adam for the fantastic interview! It was very enjoyable.
    Thank you Dave for co-hosting with me. I’ll try and get some sleep next time. :P

    Milk n Cookies!

  3. Wow. I have been looking forward to this interview for a few weeks. I’m a big fan of Adam Millers’s mods, they are my favorite NWN1 mods and I was very impressed with Dark Waters 1. I’ve written to him a handful of times but it was nice to hear him talk about what motivates him and how he views modding.

    Liso congratz on landing this interview. You did a terrific job as always.

    I’m thrilled to hear the podcast is going back to once per week. The extra entertainment is appreciated but please don’t burn yourselves out.

    What you do is appreciated.

  4. Snitty bunch.
    CAn’t be first to listen anymore if you put it on at friday nights.
    Weeell just so you know why. I listen to em at work and I dun work on saturdays which is when you put it on for me.

  5. Excellent interview, good to finally put a voice to the name Adam Miller. Also thank you very much for the mention in the show. Hope everyone enjoys the hooks. Keep episodes coming :)

  6. Dirtywick: Glad you like the weekly.
    Michele: Told you. :-)
    Ernie: Glad you liked the interview. Michele did awesome as usual. We are going to try and rotate host to keep that flame steady *winks
    HF: *pulls tail and runs*
    Ree: Yes Adam is awesome isnt he? ARGGGHH MATEY!

    I need some backup here, what actor does Adam’s voice resemble? Anyone else hear it?

  7. Give ya a hint. Listen to the interview, you’ll know who Adam sounds like according to Trey :P *winks*

  8. Great interview as always, Michele! .. on the technical side.. is anyone else having problems with the RSS feed? Mine says the last update was 3 weeks ago.

  9. My feed that I have on My Yahoo, says 1 day ago and shows this episode.

  10. The definitive Bruce Dern movies, for me, are: Silent Running, and the King of Marvin Gardens. I suppose it does sound a bit like him. Bruce Dern has this particular way of speaking which is very hypnotic. You know like some people you really don’t hear what they are saying but you like the sound of their voices. Good Podcast!

  11. Hmm.. still don’t have it on my RSS feed.. did we change something in the feed 3 weeks ago? .. I guess if I’m the only one.. then no big deal, eh?!

  12. Dave, we have had a few issues with the RSS feed in the past few weeks, might delete and subscribe again using the link from the front page.

  13. Dave, Welcome to the NWN Podcast Team, I am very excited to see what you will bring to the show. You have already made a huge contribution and for that I thank you.

    Three cheers for Dave, Hip Hip Hurray!, Hip Hip Hurray!, Hip Hip Hurray!

  14. Here here! *holds up mug

    *goes off to setup host schedule

  15. lol… awww.. shucks.. Here’s to Jay and Trey! *drinks from tankard* .. and Here’s to Michele! *drinks some more*… good thing Guiness was on sale this week… ’cause after finally finishing my contest area.. I’m ready for one!

  16. *rolls in Barrel of ale*
    You know this is the third one in one week. You guys should take it easy and go for JAy’s wine, that one is getting into the head easier so less consume. And congrats Dave.

  17. I’d like to thank Michele, Jay, and Trey for putting this together. They were gentle for my first podcast.

    I do apologize for my relative absence on the boards these days. It’s hard to keep up with everything as well as get the campaign finished up. No rest for the weary.

    It wasn’t until recently that I realized Bruce Dern was in Silent Running. That was a great, classic movie. I’ll try to remember that the next time I set a space ship full of trees adrift in space.

  18. Thank you for posting Adam! I had a wonderful time with the interview, and it was a pleasure meeting you :)

  19. no rest for the wicked! very wicked episode indeed! cheers to Death #1

  20. Great podcast and interview. The question is: how you gunna top that? ;)

    After hearing Adam talk so much about his VA team I couldn’t help but wonder if Skunkeen had ever auditioned for a role as a pirate NPC in Dark Waters? He does the coolest salty dog I ever heard!

    Looking forward to next time (thanks for the comments on my blog, Liso and ashercon).


  21. Topping that? hmmm

    As I see it, Every interview is just as great as the first or last. I enjoy all that I’ve done and all the ones I get to listen to from the guys. :)

    It is not a matter of topping the last one. It is all about getting the next one out to be heard and help the community be more aware of all the amazing talent out there!!!

    Keep up the great work everyone!


  22. matter of fact I have sent a e-mail to Adam’s team two weeks ago wanting to voice act for the Dark Waters series. I cant express how much I would love to do such a role within a theme like that. still waiting on a yay or nay

  23. Hey Trey just had an other brilliant idea!! Call into the nwnpodcast Skype voice mail and DO some of those voices as a Listener Hellos!! Who knows who is listening. Maybe we can make you famous.

  24. Hey I just wanted to say that the podcasts and interviews just keep getting better and better. There’s no doubt that adam miller is a highly respected modder, but I wasn’t implying that any other interviews were less worthwhile.

    I wasn’t suggesting that each podcast needs to “better” the previous, I just thought it was real scoop to get hold of Adam for an interview.

    Hope I didn’t cause any offence.


  25. ElvenRogue – Of course not :) I just wanted to let them all know I think all of them are awesome!!! No offense taken :)

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