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NWNP: Special Edition – MoW Press Release

We interrupt the podcast schedule to bring to you this special news bulletin.

Atari and the Neverwinter Nights Podcast sent our very own, Michele aka Liso66, to Los Angeles for a special press event surrounding Mysteries of Westgate.

She interviewed Alan Miranda, CEO of Ossian Studios , and Russ aka Tiberius on the spot! Michele was teased by a few hours of playing MoW and tells us how she did. Check out new screen shots below.

We are happy she managed to survive a day in Beverly Hills and has returned to the fold to tell of it.

So pull up an ear and enjoy!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled podcast .


We at NWNP would like to thank Steven Khoo, Jennifer Chong, and Laura Weir of fortyseven communications. Also Allissa Bell of Atari for making this trip to LA possible.

A special thanks to Ossian and staff for all their hard work! This is a must have adventure pack!

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MoWscreen00thumb.jpg MoWscreen01thumb.jpg

MoWscreen00thumb.jpg MoWscreen01thumb.jpg

MoWscreen00thumb.jpg MoWscreen05thumb.jpg

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